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Our Fall Campout

Hurricane Dorian couldn't stop us; we held our fall campout at Dan Nicholas Park. The park has a wonderful area for scouts to camp away from the other campers. The park has so many activities to engage the scouts and so many ways to earn activity belt loops and pins. At the end of the weekend, nearly every scout had earned part of a belt loop or two.

We cooked some new meals over the fire. The scouts learned to make hobo meals. We tried Mountain Man in foil packets for breakfast. They made walk around tacos for dinner. And our second breakfast was an old favorite, eggs in a baggie. The kids tried out a new campfire dessert, banana boats. I don't think they liked them as much as S'mores, but I had to try.

The scouts went on a three mile hike. The younger scouts hiked around the lake with us, but headed back to camp when we went into the woods. They had fun finding turtles in the lake. They learned how to avoid the spider webs across the path. Some learned the hard way.

This year, we were lucky that the splash pad was open. It was such a hot weekend. Many of the families decided to enjoy some ice cream from the concession stands before coming back to camp. We ended our long day with what can only be described as a cub scout rave. The scouts were given some glow sticks by one of our parents. They were all having a great time spinning the glow sticks in the dark while the parents enjoyed the show. It was a great time.

Don't worry if you missed this one. We'll be back next year.

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